Medium of Exchange

Blob is the most stable and reliable stablecoin that is fully decentralized with the Flow utility governance token.

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What is BlobFlow

BlobFlow is a stable digital currency ecosystem with the mission of replacing all fiat currencies as a reliable medium of exchange.

  • Blob is diversified with top stablecoins
  • Blob is driven by smart contracts
  • Blob is governed by community
  • Blob has an Anti-Fiat mission

  • Flow has a limited total supply
  • Originations of Blob gets rewarded in Flow
  • Fees for withdrawing Blob can be paid with Flow
  • Flow holders govern the BlobFlow stablecoin ecosystem

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Statistics-Based Stablecoin

Blob stabilization mechanism utilizes the financial concept of diversification to minimize risk.


Blob eliminates idiosyncratic risks specific to any individual stablecoin by diversifying among a basket of the most stable and reliable stablecoins.


Only the most stable and reliable collateral has been chosen for Blob's initial basket. Read more in our White Paper about our rigorous analytical approach.

Automated Rebalancing

Blob always honors the price-determined peg, essentially eradicating volatility completely. Learn more about this approach and its pros and cons in our White Paper.

Smart Contracts

Blob is fully automated on-chain with smart contracts, promoting trust, reliability and a hedge against censorship.

Community Governance

Stakeholders reach consensus on the collateral composition of Blob's basket, Blob's stabilization peg, Flow rewards and fees, and other key decisions.


Initially, the Blob smart contract's peg target is $1USD. In the future, we envision the community choosing not to have this peg be tied to fiat. This flexibility is coded into the original Blob smart contract.

Get Started With Blob and Flow

Originate Blob stablecoins to recieve rewards in Flow utility governance token!

Sign In With Metamask

Simply sign-in with your active Metamask account.

Allocate Approved Stablecoins

Our smart contract will recognize if you are holding any of the approved stablecoin assets. You have the choice to allocate any amount.

Generate Blob and get Rewarded in Flow

You will recieve the most stable and decentralized stablecoin Blob, as well as rewards in Flow utility governance token. Early originators of Blob get rewarded significantly more Flow tokens than late adopters.

Flow Utility Governance Token


Flow token is rewarded
for origination of Blob


Flow fee is accepted
for Blob withdrawal


10 billion Flow tokens
Total Supply


Flow stakeholders
Govern Blob Stablecoin

Meet Our Team

Our experts in blockchain and crypto can answer all your questions!

Ivan Zone

Vision and Strategy

Ivan Zone


Draper University Blockchain Entrepreneurship grad, Wharton Finance and Computer Science degrees; High-caliber experience on Wall Street (trader at $4b hedge fund, Petra Capital) and in Silicon Valley (partner at $200m venture capital fund, GVA Capital; founder / CEO of venture funded blockchain startup SuchFlex)

Dan Austin Higwit

Protocol Design

Dan Austin Higwit

Protocol Design

Draper University grad, University of the Philippines (dropped out) BS in Applied Physics and Geodetic Engineering State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) at Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Founder and Lead Engineer at Qwento Analytics, AI and blockchain startup creating a forecasting marketplace

Daniel Yavorovych

Blockchain Development

Daniel Yavorovych

VP Engineering

10+ years experience as Cloud Solutions Architect Co-Founder and CTO at Arilot, custom software development for AI, BigData, Blockchain, DevOps; leader of blockchain development in Eastern Europe CTO at OkayCrypt, world’s first scoring ecosystem for cryptocurrencies

Roman Cherednik

Systems Architect

Roman Cherednik


Masters, Engineering and Science in Computer Networks and Systems, National Technological University of Ukraine; Management and Economics, International University of Finances CTO at Kuna Exchange, #1 cryptocurrency trading platform in Ukraine

Mina (Zimeng) Liu


Mina Liu

Head of Marketing

Founder of MagicFit, revolution in digital clothing. Experience at international venture capital firm NewDo Venture. Stanford University, Continuing Studies. Dalian University of Finance & Economics, Bachelor's degree in Management.

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